Musical notes associated with the Chakras


As there are no universal musical notations associated with the Chakras, I have given here,  after many hours of research into the topic, a collective, common denominator interpretation. This graphical interpretation of not only the musical notes associated with each Chakra, but also the colour for each Chakra, has been done with the intent to hopefully give people an understanding of why we feel different, more relaxed and less stressed when we listen to certain styles of music.  Our Chakras, or energy points resonate to sound, and when music/sound in different pitches is played, our bodies absorb the musical energies which in turn can  start bringing about a balance within ourselves, a stabilisation of our energy system, which in turn makes us respond to the frequency and helps to calm our body down, bring it into a more relaxed and less stressful state.

So next time you listen to a piece of music, try and feel the music and let it work its wonders on your body. Try playing an instrument in a key associated with a Chakra within the region you feel might need some help, and see what happens. I am a layman when it comes to musical terminology, or dealing with the bodies own natural wonders, such as the Chakras, but I certainly know that when I play one of my Flutes in a particular key, and more-so now when it is a key associated with a Chakra point, I feel something that I can't personally explain, but I certainly know I feel a whole lot better after playing my Flute.

As for the technological or scientific reason behind this, it is best if you do your own research into the subject to  get a much better than "Layman's" terms on it.

To make it more interesting for you, think of this............When the Native American Indians first came about their Flutes, and going by the keys of a vast majority of Native American Flutes that are in Museums and private collections, they had no idea of what a "Music Note" was, as we know them today,  nor did they know about what we know as Chakra Points (or did they ??) and the association of a music note to the Chakra Point. Then why is it, that the vast majority of  Traditional Flutes, where in the keys of F, F#/G, which as we can see in the diagram above, are related to the Heart and Throat area of our bodies ????? Did they come about these keys because they knew already about the correlations to the body, or what ????

Your point of view on this topic is most welcomed and suggested. If I get enough responses, to give the rest of us an insight as to maybe why, I will make a new page with your responses.

So if you would like to email me with your view, then please ...........CLICK HERE!

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